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Aces After School


Pottery On Wheels (mobile studio) We come to you!

One of the opportunities many people don’t know about is our Pottery on Wheels Program. This is a program that is specifically suited for school groups, church groups, etc of 20+ because it takes almost no effort on your part to host this program. If you have fewer than 20 don't worry! You can take advantage of our Art in a Cart program.  This option allows you to have a little more flexiblility with the number of participants and time. We simply just send instructions and supplies with you and when you're finished you bring things back for firing. 


With the Pottery on Wheels Program, staff comes to you! We bring all the necessary supplies including selected pottery pieces, paints, brushes, etc. We provide the instruction and assistance with each project. Afterwards, we take the pieces back to the studio to be glazed and fired, and after they are ready, we can either deliver them or box everything up or pick up here at the studio. What could be better than an art project with all the supplies brought to you, where we do all the work and you worry about nothing!

You can choose all of the same items or make a list of what your members, class, or residents would want ahead of time. Typically an event takes roughly 2 hours to do based on the number of people participating.


How it Works:
1. Choose your date and time
2. Tell us the number of participants (20 or more needed)
3. Choose your piece or pieces
4. Then we bring everything to you!


We will set everything up go over directions for paint, give some ideas, and then get started


We suggest that with every group you brainstorm ahead of time so that you can have a good idea of what design or pattern you want decorate your pieces with. This isn’t necessary with figurines or for younger children that are only doing hand prints or foot prints.


5. Once finished we will put names on all the pieces
6. Box everything up
7. Bring back to the studio for glazing and firing!


Returning your Finished Pottery:
Your pottery typically will take 1-2 weeks to glaze and fire based on the number of pieces painted. When everything is finished, we will box everything up and you can pick the pieces up or we can deliver everything back to your location.


Payment is required at the end of each session. We accept credit cards onsite, cash or checks. Preferrably 1 check from daycares and churches in order to eliminate confusion. We recommend that daycares, churches, office groups, etc. collect money ahead of time for the items requested. (This excludes schools that place purchase orders. Pieces however will not be returned until purchase order check has been received.)


The price will include all the paints, glazing, and firing. Any additional painting, such as names, dates, or sayings are an additional fee. Custom work can be added for a small fee depending on the details. We are happy to help turn hand prints and foot prints into critters or animals or add names and years to pieces! CALL or EMAIL FOR PRICING! 540-9823 themadplatterpottery@gmail.com


*Discounts available to preferred groups such as ACES after school programs, churches, daycares, etc. 



Most popular items to choose from:

10’’ salad plate
12” dinner plate
12 ounce mug
Jumbo mug
Ice cream bowl
Cereal bowl
Christmas ornament



***Travel fee not included.  If you would like any more information or would like to reserve a date and time please give us a call 540-9823 or email us at themadplatterpottery@gmail.com